• "The book is pure inspiration."

    - Soniya Hayat,
    Chief Executive,
    Guided Safaris, Inc.

  • "Truly, I love what you've done!."

    - Ben Bressler,
    Founder, Natural
    Habitat Adventures

  • "Really good photographs with very humorous commentary."

    - Travel Africa,
    Autumn 2014 issue

  • "A Global Treasure Hunt"

    - The Record,
    October 28, 2014

  • "I just love this book."

    - Andy Cohen,


This book is about the incredible diversity and wonder of wildlife and how two ordinary people were able to get some pretty darn good photos while simultaneously laughing their way through some pretty ridiculous situations. It is all presented in a top 100 format. Please come for the photos, but stay for the stories.

For us, it all started with a commitment to see our own country first. We have the photos of all 50 "Welcome To" the state signs hanging in our kitchen to prove that we did it. Then the trips expanded, eventually encompassing over 40 countries and all seven continents. In this book, you will see animals that you have known since you were a child and animals you may not even know existed. One thing is for certain, you will not see them presented anywhere else like they are here.

With the right amount of patience, desire, and humor these are photographs anyone can take and they are all shot in places anyone can enjoy. No tripods are needed. No camping is required. No risking life and limb. For our friends and family who always wondered what we were doing in all those odd places around the world, now you will know. For everyone else, until you get out there on your own, please come with us as we go on a journey photographing the wildlife of the world through our very own "sarcastic lens."


Can two people be more ordinary than Richard and Amy Lynn? Just look at their photo. Previously, they were better known for their sarcastic wit than for their photography and writing. Now they are becoming well known for their ability to combine all three skills into one book: The Sarcastic Lens: An Ordinary Couple’s Photographic Journey through the Animal Kingdom.

280 Pages
Over 750 Photos
Top 100 Format
Landscape Design
13" x 11" Size
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