• "The book is pure inspiration."

    - Soniya Hayat,
    Chief Executive,
    Guided Safaris, Inc.

  • "Truly, I love what you've done!."

    - Ben Bressler,
    Founder, Natural
    Habitat Adventures

  • "Really good photographs with very humorous commentary."

    - Travel Africa,
    Autumn 2014 issue

  • "A Global Treasure Hunt"

    - The Record,
    October 28, 2014

  • "I just love this book."

    - Andy Cohen,


The Sarcastic Lens was awarded the Kirkus Star and was named one of 2015’s top 100 independent books by the prestigious book reviewing company, Kirkus Reviews. The review is printed here in its entirety.

An impressive coffee-table book brimming with a couple’s beautiful photographs of exotic wildlife. The Lynns, a husband-and-wife team, have traveled the world indulging their loves of wildlife, adventure, and photography. Although they began taking pictures some decades ago, most of the work in this book, their debut, was done over the last decade, in their retirement. They traveled to all seven continents, sometimes suffering in the bush, uncomplaining. The photography— sometimes spectacular, always enjoyable—is solid work featuring almost every animal imaginable, always in its natural habitat. There are the usual suspects—lions, tigers, bears, elephants, whales, gorillas, as well as lemurs, anteaters, macaws, all sorts of wading and fishing birds, butterflies, and frogs. There’s also the elusive tamandua and the confounding fauna the Lynns found Down Under, including echidnas, which seem straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. (A proficient index serves as a helpful tour guide.) Interesting factoids abound; for instance, did you know hippos kill more people in Africa than any other beast? The casual, engaging text invites readers in, though the title is somewhat misleading, since the commentary is gently humorous but hardly sarcastic: “The common moorhead is a cousin of the purple gallinule. I am not sure how birds even become cousins.” Production values are impressively high: the hardback book is printed on heavy stock, and the colorful photographs burst with detail. The Lynns prove to be wonderful guides, primarily because every page so clearly shares their enthusiasm. Readers might start plotting their own picture-taking adventures. You’ll need more than an iPhone, though.

Zoological eye candy captured with a keen eye and adventurous spirit.


Africa Geographic

Book Review: The Sarcastic Lens

The Sarcastic Lens is a photobook designed to show that ordinary people can take extraordinary photographs. The Sarcastic Lens, by Richard and Amy Lynn, showcases the incredible diversity and the wondrous wildlife experienced by these nature lovers as they traveled the world... READ MORE >

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